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“Much of Our Contemporary Poetry Seems Unimaginative in Its Thought Structure, Shallow in Feelings, Tedious, and Lacking in Intensity of Language.” In Hualing Nieh, ed./tr. Tongwancheng (unite all nations) or Tongwan City would be built with thick outer walls made with white clay and powdered rice, giving the city the appearance of a giant ship. In incisive and cogently argued essays, he exposes the political dynamics of so-called “modernity” in Western literature and art, and how this has been enthusiastically embraced in China since the 1980s. Fiction and reality blend into one as the story unfolds. He has contempt for his clients and contempt for himself. “On the Nature of Feminine Purity in A Dream of Red Mansions and Goethe’s Faust.” Marian Galik Interviews Gu Cheng in Berlin, April 24, 1992 (Fushide. Hong Jun discovers a web of family secrets and hidden motives leading back to the turbulence of the Cultural Revolution. Ten years earlier, in 1984, on a state farm in the brutally icy, rural northeast of China, local beauty Li Hongmei was raped and murdered. Unlike her contemporaries, she was concerned less with China’s fate as a nation and more with the relationship among patriarchy, imperialism, capitalism, and gender subjugation as global historical problems.

This city will be the capital of an empire that unites China. University of Sydney academic Mabel Lee is the translator, and the book also includes her authoritative introductory essay that contextualizes Gao’s significant position as an independent and uncompromising voice in the noisy hype of the globalized world of the present in which creative writers and artists are forced to conform with the demands of political and other group agendas, or with market forces, in order to survive. The beauty of the location however cannot compensate for the anxiety and hallucinations he experiences while watching a flock of brown birds pass by his window, and his sense of temporal disorientation is further compounded by the appearance of a strange woman who calls him Ge Fei. Well into his forties, he’s divorced (and still doting on his ex), childless, and living with his sister (her husband wants him out) in an apartment at the edge of town with a crack in the wall the wind from the north blows through while he gets by, just, by making customized old-fashioned amplifiers for the occasional rich audio-obsessive. But as the trial date looms, it becomes clear that this case of avarice and ill-gotten gains is far from black and white. [Abstract: When Hong Jun returns to China from studying and working as a lawyer in the US, he opens the doors to his new practice in Beijing intent on helping ordinary people defend their rights, but he soon finds himself embroiled in a case which is anything but ordinary. ) was a theorist who figured centrally in the birth of Chinese feminism.

Covering all aspects of modern Chinese life – from the high-minded morals of an emerging middle class, to the vividly remembered hardships of an all-too-recent collectivist past – these stories offer a very particular window into the contemporary Chinese psyche, and show a culture struggling to keep pace with the extraordinary transformations that have befallen it in the space of a single lifetime. For Hong Ying’s cult followers, her poetry is as important as her novels.] .

Diao Dou’s short stories perform a kind of high-wire literary acrobatics; each one executes an immaculate mid-air transition, from closely observed social realism to surrealist parody, and back again. Female sexuality and experiences are addressed with spontaneity and naturalness, authenticating the fact that such experiences are natural human behaviour.

[Abstract: Sixteen centuries ago, the last chieftain of the Xiongnu sought to unite China by force. [Abstract: In this avant garde masterpiece, memory is a fluid concept. With riveting examples, the author surveys the organization and procedure of criminal investigation, the lawyering system for criminal defense, the public prosecution system, trial proceedings, as well as criminal punishments and appeals.

In 2005, Teng’s children submitted a complaint to the Hunan High People’s Court, which then issued a revised judgment. Presently (1986), Blind Ah-mu (1986), Swatting Flies (1986), The Ghost-eater Is Here (1998), A Story of Nine Fingers (1998), The Last Phoenix (1999), Listen to Me, All You Deities (2002), Variations on a Canary’s Lament (2002), A Platform with No Timetable (2005), Dragon-eye Well (2005)] “I Love Mary.” Tr.

In one such case, Teng Xingshan was convicted in 1988 and later executed for murdering his mistress, but almost six years later it was discovered that the supposed victim, Shi Xiaorong, was still alive. (1965), Follow My Feet (1966), The Face in the Mirror (1966), A Headless Wasp (1967), Uncle Gan Geng at Dusk (1971), Bright Red Shrimps—An Anecdote about Limp Dick Le-zai (1974), Mr.

[Abstract: In the 1990s, as China continues to embrace—and grapple with—the global market economy, Qiu Shui and his friends attend med school, an ambition that has more to do with getting out of the country than with actually becoming doctors. Will Helian Bobo’s Tongwancheng unite China under one ruler? These essays testify to the extent of the cosmopolitanism of his aesthetics that both informs and are manifested in his literary and art creations. Then an old friend tips him off about a special job—a little risky but just don’t ask too many questions—and can it really be that this hopeless loser wins? But now it looks like the wrong man may have been sent down for the crime. The editors begin with a detailed analysis of He-Yin Zhen’s life and thought.

Helian stops at nothing to build his city and his empire, drafting 100,000 Xiongnu. In other essays he analyses traditional and modern European and Chinese notions of fiction, theatre and art, and elaborates on what aspects of writers and artists from both cultures have informed him in developing his own aesthetics in narration, performance and the visual arts. Ge Fei’s prose renders in exquisite detail the fragility of time.] “Green Yellow.” Tr. The only things he really likes are Beethoven and vintage speakers. What he doesn’t count on is that, in dredging up these long-dormant histories, he must face the shadows of his own past to get to the truth.] . There were two suspects and whilst one disappeared, the other confessed making it a seemingly open and shut case. This volume, the first translation and study of He-Yin’s work in English, critically reconstructs early twentieth-century Chinese feminist thought in a transnational context by juxtaposing He-Yin Zhen’s writing against works by two better-known male interlocutors of her time. “Father’s Writings Have Been Republished, Or, The Sexuality of Women Students in a Taibei Bookstore.” Tr.

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